Les Amis de l’Orgue

Cazouls lès Béziers

In 1984, under the leadership of the Regional Director of Cultural Affairs conducting an inventory of organs of our region, an association was formed "Friends of the Organ" at Cazouls. Its goal: to save the organ in the parish church St Saturnin. This is indeed a fine example of the art of "Theodore Puget, father and son" organ builders in Toulouse since 1876. In 1877 Cazouls acquired the instrument, according to the report of unveiling in a religious journal in which the town welcomes its acquisition, "as it meets all their requirements". Without maintenance, it seems to have worked after a fashion until 1950, when it underwent a mild cleaning, then from 1960 to 1984, nobody seemed to care about its fate, especially since the renovation work to the church would be detrimental.

Spurred on by the association and through grants, work on the instrument started in 1990: it was completely dismantled and thus started a new youth, inaugurated by the town in 1991.

Today the association is pursuing its goal headed by the president, who works actively to raise funds to maintain it in good condition. For example it is serviced twice per year and a reconstruction of the pipework was completed in 2010 by a factor of organs in Lodeve.

To obtain funds, the president and a team of 10 volunteers organise concerts, with a repertoire of classical music and traditional French music, often in the church for its excellent acoustics.

These concerts are free but a basket is placed at the entrance, at the discretion of the public, always loyal and numerous.

The program runs from september to June and can be seen on this website, as well as the history, projects and membership of the association.

The organ of the church St Saturnin therefore continues to resonate through the actions of "Friends of the Organ" that preserve a heritage. 

Gladys Picouleau, Septembre 2010